Unlock team performance with robust reporting

You and your team deserve so much better when it comes to metrics visibility. That’s why our analytics experience is purpose-built to optimize scheduling, help manage your team, and hit key metrics.

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realtime reporting dashboards

Realtime metrics to help you now

Track response times and service levels, compare expected schedules to actual activity, and provide visibility for the whole team, all as it happens. Successfully manage performance in realtime with meaningful context into what’s really happening.

  • Key metrics panel by channel and queue (SLA, AHT, etc)
  • Agent state dashboard (adherence, agent states, etc)
  • CSV ticket export for deeper investigation

Use historical trends to improve performance today

Historical reports and time tracking data give clear insight into performance trends, staffing needs, burnout risks, and opportunities for scheduling optimization.  Review historical staffing decisions alongside trends in key metrics to identify critical changes.

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Coach agents to be their best with meaningful data

Guide your team through coaching that’s relevant to each agent’s performance. Build a more holistic picture of performance with the Team Performance Report and Agent Scorecard, which cover everything from cases solved per scheduled hour to adherence to average handle time. Give your team the support they need with data that tells the full story.

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Accurate, out of the box forecasts enable smart staffing decisions and even smarter schedules.


Spend 67% less time—and a lot less brainpower—compared to traditional spreadsheets or basic tools.


We meet you where you are with seamless connections to Zendesk, Google Calendar, Slack, and more.

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