Actionable analytics that stitch together systems

Schedules, forecasts, and performance metrics work better together.

Act on real-time data

Track response times and service levels, compare expected schedules to actual activity, and provide visibility for the whole team.

Analyze team performance

Build a holistic picture of how metrics like solves, handle time, and adherence translate to aggregate outcomes whether it's for coaching, planning, or operations.

At-a-glance reports

We've carefully crafted reports, such as the Staffing Heatmap, that give you an intuitive, insightful view into what's going on.

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Spend 67% less time—and a lot less brainpower—compared to spreadsheets or basic tools.

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Forecasts within 10% of your weekly volume out-of-the-box, that tell you how to staff optimally.

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We meet you where you are with seamless connections to Google Calendar, Slack, and more.

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This will change things.

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