Assembled: The Best Workforce Management Software for Customer Experience Leaders

Kate Hutchinson

A cutting-edge customer experience starts and ends with people — but we know there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes. 

You’re juggling a lot, but you don’t have to (unless you’re planning on running away with the circus). There’s an easier way to seamlessly manage your team, measure metrics, and drive a low cost-per-ticket. 

Are you spending a ton of time building customer experience reports?

Look, these reports are important. But they shouldn’t take all day. Think about everything else you could be doing in the meantime.

Do you find it hard to make the most of your team’s skills? 

Scheduling the right agents with the right skillsets at the right time is not an easy feat. Especially if you’re manually plotting shifts and hours.

Struggling to coordinate between in-house and BPO teams? 

BPO teams are a godsend for picking up the slack on a busy queue — but not if they’re causing you a major scheduling headache.

Is it a real effort to maintain your CSAT and SLAs? 

It’s hard to manage expectations and tackle dissatisfied customers when you don’t know what the problem is.

There’s one thing on your mind: managing your support team… effectively. This means everything, from making sure your metrics, SLAs, and goals are met, to optimizing operating hours and managing vendor relationships, all the way through to ensuring your team doesn’t experience burnout. 

It’s… a lot. With remote workforce management software like Assembled, you can take a hands-off approach while supporting your team the best way you can. 

The best workforce management tool will help you implement a people-first approach

Cross-platform data for instant insights 

Is your cost-per-case rising but you don’t know why? Have you exceeded your CX budget but aren’t quite sure where it all disappeared? How about conflicting data… that’s fun, right? Especially when different teams are telling you something different. 

Good news. Assembled creates a single pane of glass that lets you see and use insights from your existing tools in one place. No more guessing why your CPC might be higher than usual. Instead, use cold, hard data to find out why in seconds. 

Create accurate reports you can actually use

CX reports inform your roadmap and processes. To say they’re important is an understatement. But, without the right tools, you can waste hours digging out data from several different platforms. Suddenly, it’s after dark, and you’ve got nothing to show for it.

Imagine a tool that creates reports based on the data in your existing tech stack. Even better, imagine it does it in seconds. Assembled pulls together customer experience stats and metrics from your CRM, support team, and SLA data to build informative reports you can start actioning on ASAP. 

Keep your queue short with simple scheduling 

Automatically map out who needs to be on shift, and when, using your forecasted workload.  Assembled helps you populate your schedule based on the conversations coming in at a channel and queue level. 

Instead of manually playing Tetris with your support staff schedule, you can now optimize agent schedules by skill sets and hours, all while ensuring the right agents are manning the fort at the right time. 

💡 Assembled allowed Brooks Running to visualize its capacity as a contact center in a meaningful way. It helped them achieve faster first reply times and maintain service levels. 

Happier staff leads to happier customers

Morale is so important among your support team. When you’ve got your head down in a spreadsheet, you’re not looking around you to see how your team is doing. Assembled lets you forecast staffing demand which leads to fewer (read: barely any) scheduling mishaps. 

Assembled’s Staffing Timeline helps you create optimized shifts to keep agents in the groove instead of frantically context-switching. 

💡 Slick scheduling is crucial for retention. People are more than just numbers and metrics. Everything you schedule is a critical piece in the lives of your support team, both inside and outside of work.  

Minimal learning curve — get set up in seconds

Long, painful implementation processes might be making you hesitate. After all, the way you do things now isn’t that bad, is it? You’d rather carry on carrying on than sit through arduous training sessions and complicated explanations of even more complicated tools. 

But Assembled is different. 

The drag-and-drop interface feels familiar — in fact, one of our customers claimed it took new team members “seconds to learn”. 

💡 Lulus was struck by how easy and intuitive it was to start using Assembled. They were up and running in days, announcing the tool is “easy to follow and easy to teach. The simplicity factor was #1”. 

Become a smooth operator

There’s a good chance you’re juggling way too many tasks and jumping from one thing to another without much thought just so you can tick off your to-dos each day. Assembled takes those tedious tasks off your plate so you can focus on what really matters — doing your job well, creating a harmonious team, and impressing your boss. 

💡 If you’re constantly toggling between supervisor mode and a spreadsheet to make sure agents are correctly assigned, this is an intervention. Take back a ton of time by storing schedules and performance reports in one handy place. 

Assembled: powerful CX features in one tool

Multi-channel forecasting 

Assembled generates accurate forecasts across all your channels, skills, and queues in one unified dashboard. 

💡Result: the most accurate staffing requirements today, tomorrow, and forever

Agent scorecard

See individual agent metrics and react to gaps in productivity before they impact your processes. 

💡Result: happy, high-performing team members

Team performance reporting

There is no “I” in team. Assembled lets you quickly diagnose gaps in SLA or low adherence.  

💡Result: a productive team that work together seamlessly

Built-in vendor management

View vendor occupancy and adherence in the same “single pane of glass” as internal workforce management. 

💡Result: total visibility across all your support and scheduling tasks

End-to-end forecasting

Imagine getting forecasts that are within 10% accuracy straight out the box. You can with Assembled.

💡Result: highly accurate forecasts you can confidently build your schedule around

Real-time dashboard

And no, we don’t mean a dashboard based on yesterday’s data. Get a unified view of all support channels and agent states in actual real-time. 

💡Result: monitor agent adherence and make data-backed intraday changes

Your handy workforce management software comparison:

Compare Assembled with other workforce management tools on the market. 

See how CX leaders are using the best workforce management software

Creating an elevated customer experience with Assembled

  • Data-driven visibility and the ability to meet tight SLAs all while empowering agents.
  • Remaining agent-first at its core thanks to detailed reporting as well as an easy, intuitive interface built to empower the full team. 

Read Lulu’s story.

Reducing phone wait times by 66% with Assembled

  • Lowering average phone wait times by 66%. 
  • Making nimble, intraday schedule changes that benefit the team. 
  • Empowering agents to know the most optimal time to take breaks. 

Read GoFundMe’s story.


How does Assembled keep my information secure?

Assembled is built with enterprise-grade security top of mind. Learn more about our approach to security here.

How do I keep Assembled up to date so I have the latest features?

Assembled is 100% cloud-native, so you never have to worry about upgrading your software. You’ll always have the latest and greatest features available to you.

What plans are available?

Check out our pricing page for more details on software tiers for Assembled.

Can I see what the software looks like?

Yes! Take an interactive tour now with one of our on-demand demos.

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