Assembled: The Best Workforce Management Software for Operations Teams

Kate Hutchinson

It’s time to transform your approach to workforce management and simplify how you forecast, handle data, and track performance. 

…Or you can carry on muddling through. But why would you want to when there’s such an easy solution? 

Does your team spend hours in spreadsheets or legacy platforms?

Processes designed for old-school call centers are slowing you down. Sometimes the devil you know isn’t the better option.

Can’t get all your data in one place?

If your data is scattered across servers and devices, you’re already behind. Creating a single pane of glass where you can see and work with all vital information in one place will change that.

No unified reporting across all your support tools? 

Siloed reporting can lead to inconsistent results and decisions that aren’t best for the business.

Struggling to accurately forecast staffing of in-house and BPO support?

The complex puzzle of managing people and forecasting their efforts is much easier when you don’t have to do it all yourself.

You’re sitting in the metaphorical control center. It’s a bit like playing Tetris, trying to figure out who needs to do what and when. With workforce management software like Assembled, you can take back the reins (and your precious time).

The best workforce management tool will help you optimize staffing and save hours of time

Minimal learning curve — get set up in seconds 

Long, painful implementation processes might be making you hesitate. After all, the way you do things now isn’t that bad, is it? You’d rather carry on carrying on than sit through arduous training sessions and complicated explanations of even more complicated tools. 

But Assembled is different. 

The drag-and-drop interface feels familiar — in fact, one of our customers claimed it took new team members “seconds to learn”. 

💡 Once Kin Insurance had chosen Assembled, it took just two short tutorials and two weeks before they were completely up and running. Everything the team used to spend hours doing every week was automatically done in seconds. 

Data for days — but without losing you days 

Data is at the center of everything you do. Without it, you’re just guessing. We know how important it is to have instant access to all the data you need so you can make snap decisions in fast-moving industries. 

Assembled’s powerful API automatically pulls reporting data into easy-to-access visual dashboards. The added visibility ensures everyone’s on the same page and brings more accuracy to long-term planning. 

Schedule the right person at the right time

Teams that work in cohesive harmony do better work, save more time, and see improved results. Why make things harder for yourself when you don’t have to? 

Having a modern workforce management tool like Assembled on your side lets you see call volumes and agent states in real-time. You can even move around agents and sales reps in one simple step without having to send notifications on multiple other platforms. 

Even better, scratch off “schedule team meetings” from your calendar completely. Imagine how many hours that alone will save you. 

💡 The Google Calendar integration is a firm favorite with Assembled customers — and for good reason. It automatically syncs schedules across both tools, saving a ton of time across the scheduling team. 

Accurate forecasting within 10% — every time 

Without long-term visibility and comprehensive data insights, it’s impossible to create quick, accurate forecasts. When you can’t create accurate forecasts… things get messy. Assembled uses powerful machine-learning technology to create forecasts that are accurate within 10%. 

You can drill down even further with accurate forecasts across support channels and skillsets all from the comfort of one dashboard — Assembled even takes into account outliers and seasonal changes. 

💡 GoFundMe integrates Assembled with Zendesk to generate sophisticated forecasts that regularly achieve within 10% weekly accuracy. The team uses these forecasts to generate schedules, which saves them about two hours every single day. 

Become a smooth operator

There’s a good chance you’re juggling way too many tasks and jumping from one thing to another without much thought just so you can tick off your to-dos each day. Assembled takes those tedious tasks off your plate so you can focus on what really matters — doing your job well, creating a harmonious team, and impressing your boss. 

💡 If you’re constantly toggling between supervisor mode and a spreadsheet to make sure agents are correctly assigned, this is an intervention. Take back a ton of time by storing schedules and performance reports in one handy place. 

Assembled: Your Swiss army knife of ops-focused features

Multi-channel forecasting 

Assembled generates accurate forecasts across all your channels, skills, and queues in one unified dashboard. 

💡Result: the most accurate staffing requirements today, tomorrow, and forever

“Push and pull” API

Assembled sits at the heart of your workforce management tech stack. The API can query and send information to and from your existing tools. 

💡Result: one central source of truth for all your important data

Seamless integrations

You don’t need to start again from scratch. Assembled integrates with popular operations management tools so you can carry on as normal. 

💡Result: a cohesive ecosystem of technology that works seamlessly together

Built-in vendor management

View vendor occupancy and adherence in the same “single pane of glass” as internal workforce management. 

💡Result: total visibility across all your management tasks

Your handy workforce management software comparison:

Compare Assembled with other workforce management tools on the market. 

See how operations teams are using the best workforce management software

Using real-time agent data to increase adherence by 30%

  • Staffing both sales and support teams intelligently.
  • Using Assembled’s API and one-click integrations, the Kin team was onboarded and reporting results within two weeks.
  • Increasing adherence by 30% across all teams by using real-time data to make intraday adjustments.
  • Increasing utilization by up to 20% with total visibility.

Read Kin Insurance’s story.

Scaling to over 100 agents while maintaining a first-class support experience

  • Maintaining a sub-hour response time to customers.
  • Using sophisticated scheduling algorithms to automate 80-90% of time spent scheduling.
  • Regularly achieving >90% weekly accuracy across email and chat channels.

Read GoFundMe’s story.


How does Assembled keep my information secure?

Assembled is built with enterprise-grade security top of mind. Learn more about our approach to security here.

How do I keep Assembled up to date so I have the latest features?

Assembled is 100% cloud-native, so you never have to worry about upgrading your software. You’ll always have the latest and greatest features available to you.

What plans are available?

Check out our pricing page for more details on software tiers for Assembled.

Can I see what the software looks like?

Yes! Take an interactive tour now with one of our on-demand demos.

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