Contact center scorecard

A contact center scorecard is a performance measurement tool used to assess and evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of operations within a contact center environment. It typically consists of a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that are aligned with the goals and objectives of the contact center and the overall business.

The scorecard provides a comprehensive overview of various aspects of contact center performance, including but not limited to:Service Level: Measures the percentage of calls or interactions answered within a specified time frame, typically expressed as a percentage or in terms of average speed of answer.

Average Handle Time (AHT): Tracks the average amount of time it takes for agents to handle each customer interaction, including talk time, hold time, and wrap-up time.

First Contact Resolution (FCR): Indicates the percentage of customer inquiries or issues resolved during the initial contact without the need for follow-up interactions.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): Measures the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction among customers based on feedback gathered through surveys or other means.

Quality Scores: Assess the quality of interactions between agents and customers based on predetermined criteria such as adherence to scripts, professionalism, accuracy, and empathy.

Abandonment Rate: Tracks the percentage of incoming calls or interactions that are abandoned by customers before reaching an agent.

Occupancy Rate: Reflects the percentage of time that agents are actively engaged in handling customer interactions versus idle or unavailable time.

Adherence to Schedule: Measures the extent to which agents adhere to their assigned schedules and breaks, helping to optimize staffing levels and resource allocation.

Employee Satisfaction and Engagement: Gauges the satisfaction and engagement levels of contact center staff, as happy and engaged employees tend to deliver better customer experiences.

Cost Per Contact: Calculates the average cost incurred by the contact center for each customer interaction, including agent salaries, technology expenses, and overhead costs.

The contact center scorecard serves as a valuable tool for monitoring performance trends, identifying areas for improvement, and making data-driven decisions to enhance the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the contact center operations.

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