‍Forecast Accuracy

The degree to which your prediction of support volume reflects the reality of observed support volume.

  • A forecast accuracy of 100% would mean that in each interval, you saw the exact number of support requests you expected to. A 5% forecast over-projection would mean that you received 5% less contacts than you expected to, resulting in idle time whereas a 5% forecast under-projection would mean that you received 5% more contacts than you expected to, resulting in a backlog.
  • The interval length you choose has cascading implications. In general, forecasts with shorter intervals yield more precise outcomes. A forecast with 100% accuracy on a daily level, for example, could mean that you received 0 contacts for the entire morning and all of the expected contacts in the afternoon.
  • The accuracy of your forecast has deep implications on your cost-effectiveness since it is ultimately the number that staffing projections are based on.

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