December 20, 2023

Assembled 2023 year in review

John Wang
Co-Founder and CTO

As 2023 draws to a close, I wanted to reflect on the past and future of what we’re building here at Assembled. This last year, efficiency took center stage. Most support leaders I’ve talked to are trying to do more with less, so we tailored our roadmap and built features that help you do just that.

I’m incredibly proud of the end results. We’ve seen teams double SLA performance and cut down on manual processes by up to 80%. This year, Assembled helped our customers schedule over 180 million events and process over 540 million tickets.

In 2024, we’re not slowing down. We’re dedicated to bringing you more advanced forecasting and scheduling, new integrations, configurable permissions, and plenty of metrics along the way.

Without further ado, please enjoy Assembled’s 2023 year in review.

Scale up scheduling while cutting down on manual work

Why fill your schedule with even more scheduling? Assembled makes it quick and easy to create and edit schedules that scale with your team. Our newest features allow you to…

📅 Save time with multi-row copy and paste

With the ability to copy and paste multiple rows at once, you can easily schedule multiple shift types across days and weeks — modifying schedules in seconds.

🧪 Test different scenarios so you can meet your SLA every time

Test Schedules help you ensure optimal staffing levels by modeling different scenarios and their impact to your SLA. You can easily publish your test schedule to your primary one, and select specific agent groups to apply the schedule to.

🔀 Bulk update events with ease

Single-select and individual event changes are so last year. On the Staffing Timeline, you can bulk-select all events of the same type and make edits all at once. To try it out today:

  • Right-click on an event → Select all events of type
  • Right-click on the empty canvas → For all agents, choose the event type to select

Get a crystal-clear view of how time is spent across the organization

Peak performance means nothing without the metrics to back it up. With our latest time tracking updates, we’re bringing you more ways to stay on top of agent activity with extra precision. These updates give you the power to…

✂️ Reduce human error with automated exclusions and adjustments

Inaccurate metrics when agents forget to log out can be a real pain in the Ass-embled. Now there’s an easy way to customize rules that automatically exclude agent state data if that agent remains logged in after their shift has ended. Additionally, managers will have the ability to edit agent states manually when they need to eliminate any inaccuracies. Learn more here.

⌚ Prevent agent state errors in Zendesk with our Chrome extension

By limiting agents to having only one tab of Zendesk open at a time and preventing any accidental offline statuses, agent states will always be accurate in Assembled. The Assembled App for Zendesk is required to begin using this extension. Visit the Chrome store to get started.

🗓️ Get more visibility into adherence

We’re bringing you more metrics in more places, to give teams a clearer picture of what’s happening in the day-to-day of their support operations.

  • Big news for teams running omnichannel support — we can pull in all standard and custom Zendesk unified agent statuses. Visit our help center to learn more, or head to the integrations page to enable the setting in the Zendesk section.
  • Schedule adherence is available in Agent Scorecard, Team Performance, and Realtime Agent Analysis. Teams already utilizing auto time tracking or aux codes can start calculating and reporting on schedule adherence. Head to the settings page to enable the metric here.
  • On Realtime Agent Analysis, managers can now easily sort and see out of adherence duration for an agent’s currently scheduled productive event.

Surface the reporting you need, when you need it

Assembled reporting is built for action. With the right metrics handy, teams can see performance at a glance, and quickly decide where improvements can be made. This year we greased the WFM wheels with reports that let you…

🌤️ Effortlessly compare and select forecast models

Our forecast management report allows you to easily compare forecast models across channels and queues, enabling you to choose the best-performing option based on historical data.

📊 Boost your real-time workflows with Realtime Agent Analysis

This view makes it simple to identify queues that need support across in-house teams and BPOs. Easily search for a specific agent, sort and filter by site or queue, group by agent properties and real-time metrics, and save your preferred view to share with your teammates.

🔎 Investigate historical adherence in seconds

The fewer the clicks, the happier the real-time analysts. Trust us — it’s science. Clicking on any agent name in Realtime Agent Analysis will bring up a pop-up with their adherence timeline for the day.

Give your support ops a kickstart with new tools

From agents, to workforce managers, to BPOs, and everyone in between, we’re building tools for the entire CX organization. That’s why we announced two new products this year! By expanding the Assembled platform, teams can…

🤖 Deliver better, faster outcomes for customers with AI-powered Assembled Assist

Assembled Assist is a new kind of agent co-pilot that guides agents to perfect replies and helps manage your ticket backlog.

So what does Assist do? We’re glad you asked.

  • As soon as Zendesk tickets come in, our tool pulls context from your knowledge base and drafts a response with AI macros
  • When the agent opens a ticket, they can ask clarifying questions, refine, and send the draft
  • Once Assist is fully trained, you can deploy auto-send to reduce your backlog and save agents from busywork

Learn more here.

💪 Turn BPO pains into BPO gains with Vendor Management

Assembled for Vendor Management is the first and only solution to natively integrate with the WFM platforms your BPOs are using. This brings unparalleled visibility into scheduling, billing, and performance across your entire BPO network, empowering teams to:

  • Sync schedule data in real time without the need for separate systems or CSV uploads.
  • Visualize and communicate staffing requirements with your BPOs in one shared interface.
  • Get a comprehensive view of real-time adherence across BPO sites or queues.
  • And eliminate billing disputes with a reliable system of record.

Learn more here.

Keep your data secure and seamlessly connected

Just call this the Year of Integrations for Assembled. We know how important it is for support teams to leverage a single source of truth for operations. That’s why we’re committed to providing you accessible, reliable, configurable, and secure data. Now that calls for an integration celebration. In 2023, we connected teams with…

🎊 A new home on the Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce Service Cloud customers can find Assembled right from the AppExchange. From specialized features for tracking and forecasting units of work to skill-based routing and automated tasks — along with enterprise-grade security — we’ve built the industry’s deepest integration for omnichannel support in Salesforce. Read all about it here.

🔒 Faster, more secure logins with SAML SSO

With SAML SSO, you can log in to Assembled using your existing credentials, removing the need for multiple passwords and saving your team from password resets, account lockouts, and handwritten reminders. Learn more here.

⚙️ Total access to your data with new API endpoints

Our API grants frictionless access to raw data insights, giving you freedom to sync with your business intelligence tools.

  • The Agent States API lets you slice and dice your analysis of adherence and conformance by site, team, or queue. Learn more.
  • The QA Score API allows you to pull in and aggregate QA score in our reporting. Learn more.

🔗 Seamless integrations that meet teams where they’re at

To make Assembled a truly unified view of all of your support ops data, we’re plugging into the tools and workflows that our customers rely on the most. This year we invested in these key connections:

  • Zoom Contact Center: We are thrilled to be the first workforce management platform to integrate with Zoom Contact Center. In just one click, users can sync agent states and ticket volume into Assembled. Learn more here.
  • Klaus: Our Klaus integration bridges the gap between efficient workforce management and outstanding customer service quality. You can sync reviews and display QA scores in the Agent Scorecard to asisst coaching conversations. Learn more.
  • Fivetran: We’ve partnered with Fivetran, which automates the most time-consuming parts of the ELT process. With this connector, you can easily blend data from Assembled with other sources for analysis in your business intelligence dashboards.
  • Zendesk: We’ve upgraded our app so agents no longer need to be logged in to Assembled for agent state data to be recorded, bringing a more streamlined experience. Learn more.

Explore Assembled faster than ever before

If flashy new features are the cake, user experience upgrades are the cherry on top. We are committed to making Assembled the fastest, most delightful support ops platform for our users, by baking in…

  • Powerful universal search with keyboard shortcuts that let you navigate through Assembled or apply filters in record time. Simply type ⌘K (Mac) or Ctrl-K (Windows) to use the search bar pop-up. Learn more.
  • A new database infrastructure that makes reporting, templates, and the Staffing Timeline load 10x faster. Learn more.
  • An updated date picker across all reports, enabling you to choose from pre-defined date ranges, select from a calendar, or manually enter specific dates.
  • Enhanced agent search in the Staffing Timeline, allowing for an effortless search for agents across several pages.
  • A sleeker filter component, allowing you to drill down to the information you need quickly and intuitively.
  • Reporting with a high-performing and super-slick UI—now in full-width—giving you maximum visibility to all the data you want to see.

If you’ve got suggestions for features you’d like to see in 2024, we want to hear from you! Please submit any and all requests here. Your feedback is invaluable to us and we appreciate all customers and friends of Assembled that have been on this journey with us.

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