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Access fast and easy access to data you can trust — all in one centralized view. Unlock total, 4D visibility into your teams' performance. You'll love saving hours of tab switching.

Assembled is used by the world’s most customer-centric brands.

Designed for teams of any size

Quick onboarding makes it easy to leave spreadsheets

With templates, automations, and one-click integrations, it’s easy for growing teams to quickly onboard and off-load manual spreadsheets for scheduling.

  • Automations with pre-defined business rules, agent shift durations, work-hour regulations, and priorities
  • Edit schedules based on a day or week view
  • Flexible templates for longer-term scheduling

All your channels, in one place and in real time

Teams making staffing plans across live and asynchronous channels rely on Assembled’s configurable forecasting, advanced scheduling, and real-time reporting to get a unified view of their operations.

  • Make informed decisions for staffing phone, email, chat and beyond
  • Ensure the right people with the right skills are available when you need them
  • Real-time reporting that's actually in real time

Engineered for the enterprise

Advanced security protocols, customizations galore, and a team of specialists are here to help you get maximum output from your support operations.

  • Built to scale for the most complex teams
  • Enterprise-grade security and reliability
  • One view into performance for internal and external support teams

Ensure BPO quality

You can outsource without compromising quality. Managing BPOs to efficiency and productivity outcomes is easy with Assembled’s purpose-built vendor management solution.

  • Align on headcount requirements with a clear system of record
  • Integrate with the WFM platforms your BPOs use for real-time schedules and metrics
  • Make staffing decisions in real time

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