Say goodbye to defective, disconnected tools

Assembled simplifies workforce management for support and ops teams by consolidating all your data into one, intuitive platform. Don't waste another hour manually updating various reports. Assembled does it all, no matter the team size.

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Assembled is used by the world’s most customer-centric brands.

Your WFM tool is slowing you down

Most WFM vendors will oversell you on a bunch of features you don’t actually need. And when the deal is done, they won’t stick around to help you understand how to use them.

Legacy WFM is clunky
Assembled is agile
Full of features you’re paying for but not using
Optimal feature set with value-based pricing
Slow loading speeds and system failures
Fast loading speeds and reliable service
Painful setup and configuration
Simple, out-of-the-box utility
Cumbersome user interface
Delightful modern user experience

See what our customers are saying about Assembled

Assembled really stood out. Beyond just working, it felt like it was one of the only workforce management tools that was built for today.
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Laura Levy
Vendor Program Manager,
I am confident that even someone with minimal WFM experience could get Assembled up and running that quickly.
a man with a beard and glasses
Pavlos Vasilakis
Workforce Manager, Typeform
Assembled is the first platform we've worked with that gives both the workforce manager and agents a great experience.
a man in a suita man with a beard and glasses
Kevin Rury
Workforce Management Analyst, Taskrabbit

Our customers see real results. Are you next?

From increased productivity to meaningful cost savings, Assembled drives the outcomes that transform and elevate the support organization.

Decrease in manual reporting time
Increase in SLA performance
Increase in agent productivity

Switching to Assembled is easy

Live in weeks. Fast time to value. No hidden fees.

Data sourced from G2 user ratings.

So, what do you say?

Together, we can build a better experience for your customers and your team.

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