Champion challenger model

The "champion challenger model" is a workforce management concept used to improve operational efficiency and performance within a call center or customer service environment. In this model, two or more competing strategies or approaches, known as "champions" and "challengers," are tested against each other to determine which one yields the best results.

The "champion" is the existing or current method or strategy that is considered the standard or baseline. It represents the established way of conducting operations within the call center.

The "challenger" is a new or alternative approach or strategy that is introduced and tested against the champion. It may involve changes to processes, technologies, training methods, or other aspects of workforce management.

Through rigorous testing and analysis, the performance of the challenger is compared to that of the champion. Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as productivity, customer satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness are monitored to determine which strategy is more effective.Based on the results of the testing, the challenger may either replace the champion as the new standard or be further refined and tested in subsequent iterations of the champion challenger model. This iterative process of experimentation and optimization helps drive continuous improvement and innovation within the call center, ultimately leading to enhanced performance and better outcomes.

For example: a company may want to see if they can improve their operations with BPO partners. The company may use two different processes with two different providers and compare the outcomes. This may result in shifting more business to one of the two BPOs, or it may result in an adjustment of the processes within both BPOs.

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