May 1, 2024

Supercharge your omnichannel support strategy with AI

Whitney Rose

When you think about AI for customer support, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For most people, it’s a chatbot. Chatbots are great at dealing with incredibly basic customer questions, but if they’re not rolled out with care they can frustrate customers who just want to talk to a human. And regardless of how effective or ineffective they are, they can only provide coverage for chat, one of the many channels your customers expect to connect with your company through.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your AI investment, you need a solution that can provide value across all your support channels. That’s where AI-powered support tools like Assembled Assist come in. In this article, you’ll learn how Assembled Assist — an agent copilot and issue resolution engine — can help you deliver better omnichannel customer experiences with greater efficiency than ever before.

But first, some definitions

If all the AI hype has you feeling AI overwhelm, you might be wondering: What is an agent copilot and issue resolution engine? The best way to unpack this is to break it down into two separate definitions:

  • Agent copilot: An agent copilot is an agent-facing tool that helps agents deliver faster, more accurate responses to customers with features like searching your company’s knowledge base for answers and using generative AI to provide auto-drafted replies.
  • Issue resolution engine: An issue resolution engine reduces support volume by automating routine customer interactions so your agents can focus on more complex customer needs.

In a world without an AI-powered agent copilot and issue resolution engine like Assembled Assist, customers are often left waiting for answers while agents track down support articles, which they must then read and digest before composing a thoughtful response.

An agent copilot and issue resolution engine like Assembled Assist accelerates the support process by giving agents an immediate starting point or automating the interaction altogether. This is true whether customers are reaching out over chat, email, social media, or the phone — making an agent copilot and issue resolution engine like Assembled Assist a powerful addition to your omnichannel support strategy.

Say more about Assembled Assist

Assembled Assist is an AI-powered agent copilot and issue resolution engine that integrates with Zendesk to bring more speed, accuracy, and consistency to your customer support experience.

Based on our core mission to put the right person in the right place with the right answer, Assembled Assist streamlines tasks that are best suited for AI so people are empowered to do uniquely human things like apply judgment, make decisions, and bridge the gap between vision and reality.

With new AI products entering the market every day — and many making bold claims about what they can do — it can be really difficult to separate fact from fiction. Whatever AI-powered solution you choose should be one that's flexible enough to support your business by optimizing your processes — not one that forces you into a one-size-fits-all box.

Assembled Assist removes friction from your customer support processes by bringing automation to high-volume, repetitive tasks and reducing the amount of steps agents must take to find answers and draft responses to customer questions — whether via chat, email, social media, or the phone.

Below, we’ll dive into how you can get the most out of Assembled Assist where it shines the brightest: chat and email support.

Use Assembled Assist to auto-draft chat replies

When it comes to chatbots, the best-case scenario is one in which your customers don’t even realize they’re interacting with AI. Your customers do not want canned responses that were obviously written by AI — especially when those responses fail to answer their questions and prevent them from reaching a live agent.

Assembled Assist leverages an incremental approach to support automation that puts you in control of how and when the AI is deployed.

Out of the box, Assembled Assist can search your company’s knowledge base to suggest an answer to your agents. Agents are responsible for determining whether to send the reply as is, edit it first, or validate the answer by navigating to the source where Assembled Assist pulled it from. This allows agents to move faster without sacrificing the human touch.

But the real magic happens over time as your team partners with Assembled Assist to expose gaps in your support documentation and update them accordingly. As your knowledge base improves, the accuracy of answers provided by Assembled Assist does too. This allows support teams to build toward automated responses with confidence.

In some cases, teams may choose to fully automate replies that meet a certain confidence rating. For example, Thrasio automated 53% of all customer interactions using Assembled Assist — ultimately saving the company $1.8 million. What’s more, Assembled Assist is able to deliver automated support to Thrasio’s customers in 190 unique voices for each of the company’s brands, so customers don’t feel like they’re talking to a generic bot.

Use Assembled Assist to automate email replies

As an asynchronous support channel, email is an ideal format for support automation.

Assembled Assist can automate email replies for repetitive inquiries, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing the workload on your support team. For example, Honeylove is using Assembled Assist to automatically provide personalized return instructions using Shopify and Loop, right down to a unique shipping label.

Assembled Assist can even take things a step further by addressing one of the more subtle inefficiencies of email support: the handling of follow-up “thank you” emails from customers.

Typically, these emails would require a manual response or closure from an agent — a repetitive and time-consuming task. Assembled Assist’s “thank you solver” automatically replies to those emails and closes the ticket out so your agents have a clearer picture of what tickets need their attention.

Give your support operations an Assist

By incorporating an AI-powered support tool like Assembled Assist into your omnichannel support operations, you equip your team with the tools they need to enhance efficiency and improve customer experiences. Assembled Assist doesn’t just deflect support volume, it optimizes your entire customer support process to bring more speed, accuracy, and consistency to all interactions — no matter the channel.

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