Innovative brands are choosing Assembled over Surfboard

Modern support teams that rely on real-time management, customizable reporting, and quality assurance need a solution like Assembled that is built to scale and adapt with them. Surfboard’s limited reporting keeps teams in the dark when they need visibility the most.

Assembled vs. Surfboard
Automated, agent friendly adherence and real-time management for all plans
Flexible API to push and pull data from your BI tools
Speedy technical support for all plans
Accurate forecasting for asynchronous and omnichannel support
Quality assurance reporting for agent insights and coaching

Expertly manage operations in real time

We believe staying close to agent performance, providing real-time feedback, and making critical intraday changes are all essential for effective workforce management. Surfboard doesn’t allow managers to monitor teams in real time, only offering adherence reporting after a shift.

Improve agent performance with QA

MaestroQA and Klaus integrations pull QA scores seamlessly into Agent Scorecards for additional reporting and better agent coaching opportunities. Surfboard doesn’t offer any QA, leaving teams with limited insights.

See the complete picture of performance

Robust historical and real-time reporting ensures you’ll always have the data you need, when you need it. Zoom out to the Team Performance Report, double-click into an Agent Scorecard, view Schedule Analytics, or hone in on Forecast Accuracy Reporting. With limited reporting, Surfboard will leave teams with more questions than answers.

Access the metrics that matter most

An open API and endless CSV export options grant the flexibility that support teams dream of. Enrich your business intelligence tool with Assembled’s data for company-wide visibility. Surfboard does not offer API endpoints to extract data and is extremely limited in export options.

Manage BPO agents with ease

Our vendor management suite brings unprecedented visibility into BPO performance. Pull in schedules with our WFM integration, plan out BPO commitments, and see reporting in one dashboard. Surfboard wasn’t built for BPO teams, resulting in more billing disputes and information gaps.

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