December 16, 2022

Assembled 2022 year in review

John Wang
Co-Founder and CTO

In 2022, CX teams were tested yet again. A challenging economic environment has put even more stress on the support industry, and the message continues to be do even more with less.

This year, we launched:

  • A completely overhauled scheduling and forecasting experience that allows for easy bulk editing, smooth copy/paste, and customized views.
  • Foundational improvements in our metrics, giving customers a 360-degree view of their team’s performance. We’ve provided new metrics such as email backlog and tickets transferred and made our existing metrics far more accurate.
  • New integrations with Talkdesk, Five9, Amazon Connect, and HR platforms HiBob and Workday so all our customers’ workflows and metrics connect to a single source of truth.

Enjoy Assembled’s 2022 year in review below, and please feel free to get in touch with any feedback you have for us here !

Scheduling that moves as fast as you do

Assembled’s scheduling capabilities are designed to simplify schedule building so managers can spend less time creating schedules that empower agents to hit SLAs. To make things even better in 2022, we…

💅 Unveiled our updated staffing timeline

Newer, better, faster, and more lovable. With its flexible, customizable viewing experience and unparalleled bulk-editing experience, scheduling actually feels delightful. Read more here.

📅 Made templates even more customizable

Our template experience got a major upgrade! With the latest updates, customers can clone a template and add or remove anyone. No more getting boxed in by fixed sites, groups, or teams.

Additionally, we made it possible for customers to easily customize recurring events in templates. Tuesday/Thursday shifts every other week? No problem! But that’s 👏 not 👏 all 👏. We also launched open shifts, which means customers can now more easily facilitate shift swaps, apply and bid for shifts, and onboard or transition into new agent classes as their teams grow.

“We regularly hire new staff to support increased customer demand, and using open shifts allows me to quickly assign workloads to new agents and save hours of time. With agents moving between teams, I can now seamlessly change future shifts for these agents in just a few minutes. What a game changer!”
Tommy Milne
Real-Time Analyst at Capital on Tap

🚗 Gave teams autonomy through agent-driven scheduling

Not only can agents propose changes to their schedule, but managers can also see how that change would impact net staffing before approving. That’s a win-win in our books.

🩺 Made time-off requests more granular

Time-off requests now include the details that matter, including totals (days and hours) as well as agent PTO balances. In the event it’s needed, we’ve also added PTO auto-denials to cut down on managers’ manual workloads.

Robust forecast models for multi-channel teams

Assembled’s forecasting capabilities are designed to be dynamic, configurable, and accurate right out of the box. We made them even better in 2022 by…

💌 Introducing email backlog forecasting so teams never miss their SLAs

Our email backlog forecasting model allows customers to account for existing and forecasted backlog, visualize historical backlog, and simulate various scenarios. This is major win for email-centric and back-office support teams — one that’s unprecedented for WFM tools! Learn more here.

📈 Combining forecasts with historical arrival patterns

With Assembled’s new forecast totals, customers can easily upload forecast data without having to specify time increments. All they have to do is upload a CSV file or import the data via our API and we dynamically generate forecasts for all their support channels using a hybrid of their internal predictions and arrival pattern data. Learn more here.

Reliable, trustworthy metrics for better outcomes

Assembled’s analytics are designed to give our customers easy access to reliable performance data — both historically and in real time. We leveled up in 2022 with…

🚀 More customizable data exports

There’s a lot to love about our in-app reports, but we also know our customers love being able to explore and unpack data in pivot tables. That’s why we made it extra easy to export critical information such as agent states, schedules, change logs, and more.

🔌 New API endpoints for data where our customers want it

We launched many exciting updates to our API, which means customers can pull data into business intelligence tools or dashboards that inform key business decisions. These include:

  • The People API, which allows teams to programmatically interact and modify people directly on the People page.
  • The Adherence API, which allows teams to query for adherence-related metrics such as adherence percentage and utilization to perform their own adherence analysis.
  • The Schedule History API, which allows teams to easily see who’s making schedule changes and ensure robust scheduling reporting.

We believe in the importance of not only trustworthy metrics but full, frictionless access **to them. Learn more about our API here.

🚥 Time-tracking that drove optimal performance

With time tracking and aux codes (currently for Zendesk users only), agents can now track the time they spend engaged in activities outside of answering tickets — such as trainings, breaks, and lunch. Complete visibility into agent-state data — as well as adherence and conformance for both productive and non-productive events — enriches shrinkage reporting and more. Learn more here.

🥇Agent scorecards for better performance coaching

Assembled’s agent scorecard gives our customers a unified view of adherence, number of cases solved, email utilization, and other details that help them do their best work. And because transparency is key to empowering agents, we’ve made the scorecard easily digestible by agents and managers alike.

“The agents are loving the transparency in Agent Scorecard. They’re in there actively being coached to that data already, so we’re excited to see the progress so far.”
Clifton Farr
Former Workforce Operations Manager at TaskRabbit

Integrations that bring it all together

The average CX team has at least 3–4 tools they’re working across, from the ticketing platform to QA to HR tools and more. This means data is usually scattered across many different places. We’ve made it our mission to make Assembled a single source of truth for the metrics that matter. In addition to the robust set of integrations we already support, we launched:

Our integrations are purpose built to empower CX teams with the trustworthy metrics they need to make critical business decisions. We know data is essential in this omnichannel era of support, and we’ll continue to invest in building out high-quality integrations that empower CX teams to have centralized visibility and control.

“Assembled's HiBob integration brings a key piece of the scheduling puzzle directly into the staffing timeline for a clear picture of agent availability right where we need it.”
Mandy KimCX
Project Manager at Freddie’s Flowers

Have any feature suggestions for our 2023 roadmap? Submit them and upvote other suggestions ✨here✨. If you’re an Assembled customer who’s interested in learning more about or enabling any of these features for your team, email us at

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