Empowering Daily Harvest team members to make quick data-backed decisions

Assembled's impact
  • Daily Harvest empowered their senior associates to take greater control of the team schedule—working autonomously to make the right decisions in the moment, backed by data.
  • Through Assembled, Daily Harvest has a reliable way to figure out the right number of associates to staff for a given moment and which channel or queue to place them in.

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Assembled has definitely helped us staff the team intelligently and made me much more confident in our ability to hit all of our performance targets without overhiring.
JoE Gilgoff
VP of Care

The challenge: Provide managers with a seamless tool to create schedules and be most effective without overstaffing. At the same time, Daily Harvest needed an experience that was digestible and easy to use for the entire team.

For Daily Harvest—a direct-to-consumer company that helps you stock your home with clean, delicious food that’s built on real fruits + vegetables—maintaining a strong, cohesive culture has always been just as important to the team as their core business. Customer happiness and team member wellness are two guiding stars for the company.

With multiple real-time support channels and a Care team which is partially remote, it was critical for Daily Harvest to have a simple schedule and a clear idea of what people should be doing and when. Assembled provides Daily Harvest with the data to know how many people they need to staff at any given time within the day and which channels need extra support so their Care team can focus on helping customers.

The team’s workload expanded quickly and soon there was a question of how to address the additional volume. Initially, they chose to overstaff the team in order to make sure they could meet their peak demand. But over time, overstaffing wasn’t an efficient solution. As its business grew, the team knew it was not a sustainable choice.

I could spend a full day's work—8 hours to put together a schedule for the following week. Now it takes 20 minutes to do a whole month.
Shelton Wirth
Care Team Manager

The need for a solution that would scale with them was apparent. A spreadsheet is easy enough to manage when you have 10 people working around a table together. But as the team kept expanding and the remote workforce grew, upkeep of the spreadsheet became more tedious and changes became more complex to manage. This led to an overloaded scheduling spreadsheet with long load times which wasn’t meeting associates’ needs.

I used to pull up the Google sheet and literally write down my schedule for the day on a notepad because that was easier than checking the spreadsheet. Assembled is so clear, I can click on my tab and see where I am supposed to be in one second.
Sara Whitehead
Care Associate

Daily Harvest wanted a tool to provide visibility into staffing that was also something that associates enjoyed and found useful.

Assembled provided Daily Harvest the ability to staff their queues more precisely while empowering associates with the necessary visibility into the team’s workload

Assembled integrates directly with Kustomer—Daily Harvest’s customer service platform—which meant the integration process was simply a series of clicks. Instantly, Assembled was able to provide forecasts based off of DH's existing historical volume, from long before they had considered Assembled. The dashboard also allowed Daily Harvest to enter their own performance targets and see how many people they would need to staff in order to meet those targets.

Being able to see what our associates are working on in Kustomer all in one place with the real-time dashboard helps make Assembled a one-stop shop for us.
Shelton Wirth
Care Team Manager

In many ways, the scheduling interface felt similar to Google Sheets for both managers and associates; they could keep the same events and color-coding rules that they were used to, for example. Where the new process really outshines the old spreadsheet though is that Shelton, Daily Harvest's team manager, can now build a schedule once and save it as a template. Rather than manually copying, pasting and wrangling a new schedule each week, she can just apply the template to subsequent weeks with a click, saving her significant time in the process.

Assembled is like looking inside my brain. The ‘My schedule’ view makes it incredibly easy to reference my day along with ’Staffing’ view for the entire team.
Carlie Davis
Care Associate

The Google Calendar and Slack integrations in Assembled make it easy for the team to view their schedule. Associates have flexibility in how they want to consume the schedule—they can view it in Assembled in their own time zone, can sync with their own Google Calendars or can pull it up in Slack with a simple command.

I love that I can sync my Google Calendar with Assembled. I can get reminded of an upcoming change 10 minutes before and one minute before using the Slack extension, which really helps when I need to switch channels.
Brendan Doherty
SENIOR Care Associate

Regardless of how associates access their schedule, Assembled serves as a single source of truth for the whole team. Associates can not only view their own schedules, but can see the workload for the entire team, which provides context for staffing and time management decisions. Managers and senior associates can gain visibility into the status of the team to see which areas need help at the moment. Finally, directors and VP-level executives have an opportunity to look at high-level historical reporting and trends.

Assembled has helped Daily Harvest move forward confidently, placing the right people in the right queues and channels at the right time.

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