Building a scalable and streamlined scheduling process with Assembled

Building a scalable and streamlined scheduling process with Assembled

Assembled’s impact
  • Floyd now spends 67% less time per week on scheduling.
  • They migrated from a set of toilsome spreadsheets to a scalable scheduling process that maintains team autonomy.
We didn't like any scheduling platforms we saw... until we found Assembled.

Most other scheduling platforms focus on simplistic scheduling catered towards the retail or restaurant industry. Assembled was the only platform uniquely suited to handle the complexity of a modern customer support team.

Jordan Miller
CX Manager

The challenge: Spreadsheets don’t scale.

Spreadsheets worked perfectly well for us when we were 6 people. But as we kept growing the team, the amount of time I spent doing manual work became increasingly toilsome.

Jordan Miller
CX Manager

Spreadsheets are incredibly powerful and versatile. They can be great for running an analysis, managing a budget, or tracking a pipeline. With a bit of gumption and elbow grease, they can also be used to operate a support team… although they inevitably break at a certain level of complexity.

This was the challenge facing Floyd's Customer Experience team as sales grew, new products launched, and ever more was asked of them. In a 6-month timespan, Jordan Miller went from one of two product experts responsible for all email cases (400 per week) to the manager of a 10-person team responsible for inbound emails and chats, as well as questions from the in-store team.

The setup required Jordan to navigate back-and-forth between disparate tools for routine tasks: Google Sheets to track daily schedules and timeoff requests, various Google Calendars to keep teammates up-to-date, Kustomer to monitor contact volume, and Slack to field day-to-day requests. To illustrate a particularly painful workflow, if a teammate requested a one-off schedule change, they’d first need to leave a comment for Jordan in the spreadsheet. She’d then eyeball the schedule to assess impact and, if it was okay, make the necessary adjustments, then finally follow-up with the decision and context with the teammate. Collectively, Jordan spent 3+ hours a week on tasks like this and, perhaps most problematically, frequently found herself interrupted while in the flow of other critical, strategic work.

Assembled enabled Jordan to develop a scalable process for team scheduling that lets others on the team share ownership and visibility.

I'm no longer worried about being the single point of contact. If I'm on vacation or sick, someone else can easily step in and pick up my scheduling responsibilities.

Jordan Miller
CX Manager

With Assembled, teammates also have more autonomy in how they plan their week. Previously, when a teammate needed to change their shift, they would need to reach out and wait for Jordan to find a replacement.

With Assembled's shift swap feature, it gives the team flexibility to make changes themselves. I don't end up becoming a bottleneck to approving them swapping shifts.

Jordan Miller
CX Manager

Today, Jordan spends a single hour per week scheduling—that’s a 67% savings in time, time that  she now spends on more strategic work. She now relies on Assembled to automate a lot of the manual toil she used to carry across Google Sheets, various Google Calendars and disparate Slack conversations. Time off requests, which used to involve a heavy back-and-forth, have now been streamlined for all parties. When a teammate requests time off through Assembled, Jordan gets an email notification with helpful context, such as the number of other requests for the same day, which she can use to easily make a decision. Once she approves a request, the teammate is notified via email and their schedule is seamlessly updated.

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