October 4, 2023

Assembled gains ground with enterprise companies in the G2 Fall 2023 Report

Whitney Rose

We love ending up on lists about the top workforce management software, but nothing compares to the joy we feel when it’s customers who are singing our praises. That’s why we’re so excited to share that we’ve earned a record-breaking 54 badges in the G2 Fall 2023 report.

After years of building for and alongside our customers in the small-business and mid-market segments, Assembled is gaining traction with enterprise companies. Our first-ever enterprise G2 badges were awarded in the Summer 2023 Reports, where we earned a total of three. Just one quarter later, that number has jumped up to 10.

“Assembled is a testament to the fact that you can maintain a hands-on, partnership-first approach to working with customers at any scale. We’re grateful for our customers big and small for putting their trust in our team and our solution.”

Annelies Husmann, Head of Sales at Assembled

Of the 54 badges we received in the latest report, 15 were across new categories — including Enterprise Usability Index, Enterprise Relationship Index, and Enterprise Implementation Index for Employee Scheduling. 

Assembled was also recognized as a leader in the Momentum Grid Report across the Contact Center Workforce, Workforce Management, and Employee Scheduling categories — a clear sign that our refreshing approach to workforce management is expanding in its reach and resonance.

Whether customers are making the move to Assembled from spreadsheets or legacy workforce management tools, they’re happy with the results.

Our continued promise to small-business and mid-market customers

We’re catching the attention of bigger companies, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten where we came from. We’re just as committed to serving our small-business and mid-market customers with the same dedication to partnership today as we’ve ever been.

In the latest G2 report, Assembled was recognized for the first time in the Mid-Market Regional Grid® Reports for Employee Scheduling across Europe, EMEA, and the Americas. We also improved our rankings in the Mid-Market Implementation Index and Mid-Market Relationship Index for Contact Center Workforce.

For small-business segments, Assembled made a first-time appearance on the Small-Business Americas Regional Grid® Reports for both Contact Center Workforce and Employee Scheduling. 

Additionally, we moved up into the number-one position for Small-Business Results Index for Contact Center Workforce while improving our rankings in the Small-Business Usability Index for Contact Center Workforce and Small-Business Relationship Index for Workforce Management.

Wait, what are G2 badges again?

G2 is the world's leading software review platform, leveraging verified user reviews to rank and compare software products. G2 badges are awarded to companies that have a high overall rating, a high number of reviews, and a high level of customer satisfaction across different areas — including implementation, usability, relationship, and results.

A vehicle for demonstrating credibility, G2 badges are important because they help potential customers quickly identify companies that have a good reputation and are likely to provide a good product or service. 

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