Say hello to Assembled Assist — an AI-powered agent co-pilot and issue resolution engine

Assist guides agents to A+ replies and automates customer interactions, delivering accurate and high-quality support in record time.

increase in solves per hour
email cases automated
increase in positive CSAT replies
Trusted by the most customer-centric companies in the world

The first all-in-one WFM for CX teams and BPOs

Looking to modernize their web stack and bring more experiences to life on the web, NCR turned to Webflow to accelerate their speed to delivery and transform how they connect with their customers.

Decrease in manual reporting time
Increase in SLA performance
Increase in agent productivity

Best-in-class integrations meet you where you are

With Assembled, you’re guaranteed high-quality connections to the tools that matter and data that flows in reliably. Our integrations account for the true nuances and needs of the modern support team, nothing less.

Partnership over vendorship is our daily motto

It’s what makes Assembled different. We’re committed to your journey, starting with a speedy implementation process all the way to proactive customer success and support along the way.

Give your support operations an Assist with the power of AI